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BAAAAAAA!!!  Da da daaa, da da dum, didda dum dum dum da dum dum da dum dum da dum dum da dum dum da dum dada dum ba ba ba BAAAA!!!

Whew…sorry about that…I just had to get that out of my system.

It’s good to be here!  I’m excited about what God is doing at UpRising Church.  Periods of transition like this can be difficult, but I believe that God has big things in store.  I was talking with Pastor Joe the other day, and we both agreed that the last couple of weeks have indicated that very thing.  We’ve had more than our share of techincal difficulties (at key times in the services) and people leaving the church.  The point is that if this church wasn’t destined for great things, the Enemy wouldn’t bother with us.  He wouldn’t waste his time on a group of people who weren’t dedicated to the Kingdom of God, and that is an encouraging thought.  Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord!

I am so thankful for the people who are parting ways with the UC.  There’s nothing but love and admiration for Matthew and Chelsea Daniel and Ray and Patti LeGrand.  I have learned so much from these people, and I am eternally grateful for their Christ-centered heart and Godly leadership.

This Sunday, Jarrod Morris from Crosspoint Church will be leading worship.  He’s graciously volunteered to help us (and me) through this transition time.  After that, though, we’ll be kicking things back into full gear!



P.S. – Just in case you missed it, that was supposed to be the theme from “Star Wars”.

So with all of this other change, I also need to let you know that I’m turning this blog over to Dave this week. You’ll probably see a couple of more postings from me this week, but he’ll start posting here tomorrow and probably start some new interior decorating on the site as well.

When I started with UC, I gave up my blog from before. I’m going to start over at I’ll buy a domain sometime soon so I can get out of the limits of using word press online, but until then, you can find me at the site above. I’m working on importing this wordpress blog over there. We’ll see how that all works…any suggestions?

All of that said, you can start checking me out any time over there and I’ll start posting there tomorrow.



I’ve written about Dave Sims quite a few times over the past 9 months. Dave came to Nashville from Michigan, by way of Florida. Like most, he moved here for the music. This guy knows music. I think he’s got a degree in music performance and another one in audio engineering or recording or something like that. He’s an amazingly talented musician.


Any given weekend you may see him in a few different roles at UC: filling in for Zach on the sound board, setting up, tearing down, singing BGV, playing bass, or playing keys. I’m all about seeing people promoted into leadership roles because of their heart and leadership abilities, not because of politics – this guy is a premium example.


This guy will outserve you in a heartbeat, and he’s okay with not getting any glory for the sacrifice – which is why I’m so excited to introduce you all to him one more time as the new worship pastor for UpRising Church. He and Bekah are good folks who love the Lord, and want others to come into a relationship with him. We’re also honored to call these two some of our closest friends in Nashville. Dave didn’t walk in the door of UC with intentions of doing anything but serving – and he’s done that.


Over the next few months, Dave will be taking worship at UC to the next level. He’ll screw up – just like we all do on a regular basis. He’ll make mistakes – like we all do…and this guy will fall forward. He doesn’t just want to be a lead singer, he wants to bring people into relationship with Christ, and pastor them once they’re in the door. I believe you’re going to see this guy bring a new dynamic of Spirit-led creativity to the platform at UC each weekend with new arrangements, new songs, and a new heart.

In this day and age of web 2.0, I want to extend what I did to him on Sunday night and lay my hands on this guy to bless him – Moses did it for Joshua, and Paul for Timothy. This guy will be blessed by the people of UC as they follow his leadership into the throne room of the King each weekend.


Thanks, Dave for serving with me over the past 9 months…I can’t wait to see where God takes you in this ministry at UC…


Write good stuff daily (okay, maybe it’s not always that great) and see how many people show up to your blog, then give ’em a good juicy bit of gossip and your stats will triple. Hmph!


As I’m sure some of you have noticed, blog postings have become much more sparse in recent weeks. Sometimes there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that can’t be shared in such a public forum, but here they are.

When we moved to Nashville to help launch UC, we knew that this assignment from the Lord was a short-term assignment. We expected about two years, but the Lord has seen fit to take us a different direction. About 8 weeks ago we began praying about our place within the leadership of UC. Something just didn’t “seem” right for us, and our only response was to pray. As time wore on, all of the emotions and reasoning were about more than either one of us could bear – so we did the thing we should have done from the beginning of the process and just listened to the Lord. His response to our prayers was that it was time for us to go.

Let me stop here immediately and let everyone know that we are on great terms with the staff of UpRising Church. No arguments, no anger, no bitterness. Some folks will believe what they want to, but we’re all in great standings with each other and love each other a lot. We received an amazing send-off today, but more will come on that later.

We’re at a holding spot I had hoped we would never be in. It’s so much easier when the Lord reveals exactly where He wants you to be. Today, it’s a matter of where we’re not supposed to be. That’s tough. Although UpRising is not our “baby,” we left everything we knew and grew up with to move to Nashvegas to help launch UC. All we know is that we’re taking this time to dedicate our extra time to fasting, prayer, spiritual growth, and serving. We’ve had some churches put some stuff out on the table, but we haven’t heard from the Lord that any one of these is right – at least not yet – so for today, we take our time and prepare for whatever God has waiting for us in the next season of our lives.

We’re remaining in Nashville and we’re going to start visiting churches in upcoming weeks (whenever we’re actually back in town). We don’t believe it’s time for us to leave yet – though everything inside of us wants to run home. We’ll find a place and get involved and serve until we hear a time when God gives us direction to be a “staff member.”

This morning’s music was awesome. We rocked it hard, had a great time, and ended on Bless the Lord with our typical good time. The new worship pastor, Dave Sims, led two songs today and did a great job (more on that later). Following a great service, we had a Sunday night service (our first ever). During the service, Pastor Joe ordained me and 4 other men from our church body. It was UC’s chance to “send” us to whatever our next assignment is. I cannot say enough thanks to the staff of UC – especially Joe and Pam. We had a great time tonight, and the support from the church is overwhelming!

It was also announced that Dave Sims, who has sung backup and played bass in recent months, will be taking over as Worship Pastor for UC. That’s incredibly exciting. I don’t know that there’s anybody else in the world I’d rather turn things over to. This guy knows he’s called to pastor, is passionate about doing it right, and is an amazing musician. Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals – this guy can do it. He’s run sound for us on multiple occasions, but plays bass most of the time. Over and above all that – we call the Sims’ our friends. We’re so excited for them as they begin this journey.

All that said – I can’t believe what an amazing year it’s been – full of ups and downs, but I wouldn’t take back a minute of it. We have been challenged and encouraged in amazing ways – each one pushing us to grow more and more.

I’ll post more tomorrow, but that’s all I’ve got for now. Continue to follow this transition here for now, and I’ll have more info about my blog later this week.

Mouthful, huh?


This is my final set list for UpRising Church, for more info, read the most recent post.

D – Dancing Generation (Redman)
A – Overtaken (Gateway Worship)
C – Blessed Be Your Name
E – There is Nothing Like (Hillsong)
C – Bless the Lord (Deyo)


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